down and out on the app store

in early january a colleague of mine mentioned that his girlfriend, adobe creative resident Syd Weiler, had launched a sticker pack on facebook and the apple app store. the trash doves sticker pack was very popular especially in thailand. fast forward 2 weeks and she has been sent death threats, her address posted online for hate mail to be sent to her... or worse. 

the trash dove had (relatively overnight) become a meme of the alt-right, sucked into 4chan and the dark web. it was no longer a sticker pack, it became symbolic (like pepe) of fascism. 

i'm fascinated by the situation Syd Weiler was put in, how her creation of trash doves was turned into a meme within the space of a fortnight, and how she's embroiled in a conversation/debate she had never intended. the stickers pack have subsequently been removed from the apple app store. insane.

this is a project to document Syd's rise and fall (and rise again, for sure) with her creation of the trash dove. archive material below.

trash doves censored.jpg
The Department of Homeland Security's Kek Commander of memetic warfare delivers a message to America about the evil Alt Right Trash Dove conspiracy. Stay Safespace!